by RV Team

Why Every Driver Needs Anti-Glare Glasses

Do you drive a lot? Then, you know that driving vision is affect...

Do you drive a lot? Then, you know that driving vision is affected by a lot of different factors during different times of the day. Although it is quite obvious that driving lenses should meet a lot of requirements, very few know how to choose them properly. Here, you will find a few useful tips on buying anti-glare glasses that would ensure that you avoid obstacles and danger.

The first factor to pay attention to is coating package that reduces light reflections. Your eyes are exposed to various sources of light, particularly during driving. Anti-reflective coating is especially important for drivers who often drive during twilight because they provide reduced reflection and make your eyes more relaxed.

The second rule is to opt for polarising filters that increase the contrast. If you drive during snowing or on wet roads, the danger is increased by reflections, which can be minimised by special tinted lenses. However, remember that such lenses can prevent you from seeing certain dashboards of your car. So, consult a specialist before the purchase.

Third, tints of your glasses matter a lot for your comfort. If your lenses are too dark (tint over 90%) can make it difficult to see minor obstacles. The best colours for driving and brown and grey because they allow you to identify traffic lights and do not distort your reaction time.

Some drivers believe that dirt and dust protection matters only when you are in the open air. However, the air conditioning in your car also cause the appearance of dust that irritates your eyes. That is why wider frames fitted with prescription driving lenses will ensure better protection and will be more durable in terms or scratches.

Take our advice into consideration and buy your best driving glasses right now!