Why do we wear sunglasses?

There are at least two main reasons which come to mind first: to protect our eyes from the sun and to make your look even more stylish. Both of them are right. But there are even more reasons to wear sunglasses especially when you spend a lot of time outdoors. 

Lying in the sun rays is pleasurable, but without the right protection, it can seriously harm our health and even lead to some hard diseases. We protect our skin with special suntan lotions. But our eyes also need protection. Wearing high-quality sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection can do a huge input to your eyes’ health. 

Plus, sunglasses protect our eyes not only from sun rays but also from other elements like dust, sand, and snow. Yes, you might be surprised but wearing sunglasses in winter is also necessary. Snow reflects 80% of UV rays from the sun and can cause a condition known as snow blindness, where glare from the sun actually burns the cornea. 

Sand and dust are also dangerous for our vision. Small grains can irritate and scratch our eyes. You can avoid all these problems by wearing eyewear. 

As you see, sunglasses can protect your eyes and, at the same time, spice up your look. However, they can do one more thing for you. They can help you to conquer aging! We are not kidding! 

Sunglasses prevent wrinkles around the eyes. How? The explanation is pretty simple. The more you squint, the deeper the grooves in your crow’s feet will become and the older you will appear. When you are outside with eyewear on, you strain your eyes less and, consequently, don’t squint. 

Eyewear is an important part of our wardrobe. We hope you won’t neglect wearing sunglasses anymore. If you decide to get a new pair after reading this article, we invite you to check our collection of sunglasses at affordable prices. 

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